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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Why Our Budget is Racing Out of Control

Farm subsidies are useful to our national budget or they are not, but that is beside the point. They keep getting funded because it costs each taxpayer only a few dollars to fund them and they get millions. They then use a portion of those millions to ensure that their congressperson keeps the money coming.

The only way out of this unhealthy cycle is to cut the government off at the knees. We need to truncate its police power. And slice off huge portions of its budget. And cut our taxes. All at the same time.

I love Rand Paul's approach:
- Eliminate FICA workers tax
- End Corporate Welfare
- Eliminate Lobbyists and Tax Lawyers
- No Special Tax Breaks
- One low 14.5% tax break

Benefits are
- Grow our economy, create 2 million jobs
- Simple tax filing, get the IRS out of our lives.
- A tax cut for every American

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