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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

April Generates more than June

I generated more electricity with my panels in April than I did in June.


I am not sure why. I think we must have had more cloudy days in June than in April. I was expecting more in June than April because the sun is up longer and is more directly overhead. It is also possible that the panels are getting dirty from the dust storms.

May does not help much because the system went offline on May 18 and did not come back on until part way through June 1. I look forward to the promised email notification system they have promised will come.

Monday, June 1, 2015

State Polygamy


Will we honor marriage or will we create a “kind of ‘state polygamy’ where women congregate around the major source of wealth — the government — while men slink off into their separate quarters to pursue a fading warrior culture — played out this time on video games”? ...
In short, will we insist on the ideal of a girl for every boy, a boy for every girl — and a mother and father for every child?

(Marriage and Civilization: How Monogamy Made Us Human, William Tucker, Quoted in The Evolution of Marriage, Ryan Anderson, May 2014)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Birth Control, Abortion and Health Insurance

I don't think there is an inherent right to have sex without consequences. Modern advances have made it easier to avoid getting pregnant or a venereal disease. But that does not mean you have a right to sex without negative consequences.

I don't think there is an inherent right to tell other people what to do with their sexuality or the consequences of it.

The conflict comes when you mix up health insurance between employees and employers. That started happening decades ago for reasons I don't yet understand. If we had kept them separate, then there would never had been a conflict.

If you want birth control then, buy it or buy insurance that covers it. Just don't ask me to pay for it or ask me to be involved in your decision.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stop Asking Kids to be Adults

Katy Faust is a traditional marriage advocate that was raised by a lesbian couple. I find her reasons for supporting traditional marriage compelling.

I love this post from her. I love it because she is not trying to beat her arguments into the opposing side. She is trying hard not to talk past them but to them. To feel what they feel. Her interaction with a supporter of gay marriage shows this.
Her: “Are you fighting against equality?!?” she said edgily, invading my personal bubble. 
Me: “No, I’m fighting for the rights of children to be in relationship with both their mother and father.” 
Her: “But you’re against gay marriage, right?” 
Me: “Yes, because it promotes fatherless and motherless households.” 
Her: “Lots of kids don’t have that.  I grew up without a dad and I did fine.” 
Me: (Full stop. Mentally on my knees – Oh Lord, help me be sensitive to this woman. What do you want me to say to that?) 
“How did that go for you?” I asked, with as much softness as I could muster and still be heard.  “Most kids long for their missing father.”
Her conversation ended up like this.
“So what are you trying to accomplish?  I mean, what do you ultimately want to have happen?” 
Me: “Basically, I want us to stop expecting children to act like adults and sacrifice their rights and needs.  And I want us to start expecting adults, heterosexual and homosexual, to sacrifice so children don’t have to.”

Kids are so often asked to act like adults. It should not be so. Whether it is because of divorce, or death or same-sex marriage; all children lose out on a bond with their biological parents.

This does not mean we are to mandate child-bearing. Or outlaw adoption. Tragedy happens. We all have the short end of some stick. When same-sex marriage becomes law, we are now saying that this is something a child should grow up in. It is different than accommodating for less than ideal circumstances.  There is something about the bond between a child and a mother and a child and a father that is worth defending.

I think if any person who has grown up without either of these strong bonds, in an honest moment, when we know we would not hurt those who did raise us, we would say that something was missing. None of us have an ideal situation. That does not mean we should stop promoting it by a conjugal definition of marriage.

I love the principles of CanaVox
Our 5 principles represent what we stand for. Passion for these principles is what unites us and motivate us.  
1. Marriage is a permanent, exclusive union between one man and one woman 
2. Every child has a right to a mother and a father; no one has a right to a child. 
3. Every human being has a right to life from conception until natural death.  
4. Every person possesses a unique dignity and is worthy of respect, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, sexual feelings, race, educational level, religious or political ideas. 
5. Every person has a right to freedom of conscience, thought, and religion, which includes the freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs in a public or private way so long as these beliefs and practices do not harm others.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Religious Freedom and Fairness for All

From the Amicus Brief of Major Religious Organizations, Apr 2015

Recognizing a new right to same-sex marriage would harm religious liberty. That harm is avoidable because neither the Constitution nor this Court’s precedents dictates a single definition of marriage for the Nation. Preserving religious liberty is a compelling reason not to give the Fourteenth Amendment a novel reading that would require every State to license and recognize marriage between persons of the same sex. At a minimum, the Court should carefully consider how a ruling mandating same-sex marriage would adversely affect religious liberty.
Also see the news release of the LDS church, "Religious Freedom and Fairness for All"


Will this become a question for future Presidential candidates?
Do you support a constitutional amendment restoring natural marriage? If not, then what exactly will you do to protect my religious freedom? If nothing, why should I support you? ("If the Supreme Court Imposes Same Sex Marriage, You Could Lose Your Church", John Zmirak, Apr 30, 2015)