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Monday, December 21, 2009

Do what is takes to stop Obamacare

I have a good friend that has recently become more politically active. I am not sure what he might call himself but I am pretty sure he opposes the current health care bill going through congress.

Hugh Hewitt is urging Tea Party participants to help reverse the vote by trying to reverse the vote of at least 3 Democrats who previously voted for the bill. He suggest that we focus on the 24 Democrats targeted by reversethevote.org

Some of the Tea Party participants will want to grouse about what the Republicans did -- or didn't do -- when they were in the majority before 2007. Some will worry about being co-opted or about losing their influence or position within the media spotlight as 2010 begins to shift to the elections, which inevitably highlight the two parties. Still others will be dreaming "third party" dreams and won't want anything to do with the Party of Lincoln.
A test of the movement is directly ahead. To defeat Obamacare, it is going to have to team up with the GOP. The next few weeks will tell us a lot about the motives, and staying power, of the new activists of 2009.
Tea Party participants, Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, none of the above, whatever you call yourself. If you really oppose the health care bill, now is the time to show up or amp up your effort.

Contribute time or money to reversethevote.org or work in tandem with them to focus on these 24 Democrats. Let's stop this bill. Only then can we begin to talk about reasonable solutions to health care insurance.

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