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Friday, April 29, 2016

What is the deal being negotiated between Solar Energy and Electricity companies?

"Mayes pointed to an agreement reached earlier this month between New York utilities and solar companies as a path to a permanent solution. That deal set up a transition from current models that pay rooftop solar customers full retail price for power they send back to the grid while keeping incentives in place." ("Deal ends fight between SolarCity and APS, for now", 28 Apr 2016, ABC 15)

I found this as the deal that was made in New York

"The proposal would have community solar customers receive full retail net metering credits, but they would be partly paid by developers. The proposal would also have behind-the-meter solar credited at the full retail rate until 2020, with possible exceptions for specific locations. Starting in 2020, net metering credits would go down for new solar users until they are equal to their value, as determined under the REV docket." ("NY utilities, solar companies propose transition away from retail net metering", Krysti Shallenberger Apr 20, 2016)

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