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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who I am Voting For

Here I will post some of the people I am voting for and why.

Here are some of the resources I used to come to my decisions. VoteSmartAz.org has a personalized guide for voting. They are funded by The Center for Arizona Policy. Here is my personalized guide. I will note any other sources below.

See also, how I am voting on the Arizona Ballot Measures

Maricopa County Special Health Care District (District 4)
I vote for Gerald Cuendet.

I liked the way he answered the VoteSmartAZ questionaire. He seems respected by his peers. I am not convinced that Elbert "Bick" Bicknell is qualified for the position.

Maricopa County Community College (District 4)
I vote for Paul Srch (His site).

The site of Randolph Lumm is here. Maricopa Colleges Faculty PAC endorses him.

Dysart School District Board
Jennifer Tanner (ballotpedia, flyer I made)
April Allen (ballotpedia, flyer I made)
Anthony Piazza My wife went to the forum. She says that he was very enthusiastic, ready to work as team. He seemed very intelligent.

Prop 415 For home rule of City of El Mirage
My Vote is Yes.
The allows the city to spend a much greater amount than would otherwise be set by the set by the state (article about Buckeye).
City of EM Bond Question
My Vote is Yes.

It is a secondary property tax. I understand this to mean that it pays for specific things and then it expires. It will pay for Fire Fighting, Parks and Streets.

I am asking for you help in voting against judges. I found a review by the lighthouse blog. There are other resources from a search I did. Some of you have said there are certain judges you want to vote against. I want to know why. And why should I trust your sources?

Update: Below is from a person I trust. He trusts the lawyer source he has. I probably will vote this way.

As far as judges I had a long discussion with a lawyer that works at the court. He has some wonderful insights on the judges having worked for them or in the court rooms. He also has the advantage of direct information from his conservative collegues. There are a number of judges that are on the borderline of yea or nay because of liberal/conservative leanings or poor managment but following was his recommendations.
Bales, Scott - YES
Johnsen, Diane - YES
Scott-Timmer, Ann - NO
Orozco, Patricia - NO
Abrams - NO
Akers - NO
Araneta - NO
Arellano - NO
Baca - NO!!
Ballinger - YES
Blakey - YES
Buttrick - YES
Cohen - YES
Contes - NO
Davis - YES
Ditsworth - YES
Dunevant - YES
Flores - NO!!
Garcia - NO!!
Gentry-Lewis - YES
Gordon - YES
Hannah - YES
Harrison - NO
Hilliard - YES
Hoffman - YES
Katz - NO!!!
Kemp - NO
Klein - YES
Mahoney - YES
McClennen - YES
McMurdie - YES
McNally - YES
McVey - NO
Miles, Linda - NO
Miles, Robert - YES
Oberbillig - YES
Padilla - NO
Potts - NO
Ryan - YES
Sanders - NO
Steinle - YES
Stephens - YES
Trujillo - NO
Udall - YES
Whitten - YES

Hope this helps. After speaking with him over an hour about each judge and their strengths and weaknesses I decided to vote this way.
I look forward to hearing from you.

See also, how I am voting on the Arizona Ballot Measures

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