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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why I Like Mitt Romney

Last night my wife and I watched an "Ask Mitt Anything" meeting in New Hampshire that took place Friday Jan 4. After watching it we discussed how much we liked it. My wife expressed frustration that everyone doesn't see how great he would be as President. Following are some of the reasons why I like Mitt.

I Trust Him

I first heard about Mitt Romney late in 2006. I was impressed with his determination in fighting for a traditional definition of marriage. I bought Hugh Hewitt's book A Mormon in the White House?: 10 Things Every American Should Know about Mitt Romney. The more I read, the better I liked him. I have followed his campaign for the last year. I have studied his position on the issues. I have found evidence that his character lines up with what he says.

I Agree With Him

I cannot find a policy of his that I strongly disagree with. My ranking of the issues are :

War on Terror
We must defeat jihadists. These are the far extreme of Islam. They do not represent the mainstream. Their ability to wage war must be truncated. We must also persuade more and more Muslims that "religious freedom, separation of religious and political authority in a state, civility, tolerance, democratic persuasion rather than coercion" is morally superior. (George Weigel)

We cannot continue to spend beyond our means. Perhaps a practical solution like a "72 Hours of Online Sunshine Rule" would help.

We must become energy independent. It is better to be independent from countries of energy supply like, Venezuela, Iran, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Mitt has the energy and vision to rally the country like we did to get a man to the moon. He can inspire the younger generations to study science, math and engineering. He will get us to invest in the best technologies for energy sources and increased efficiencies.

Social Issues
Guarding Our Children on Their Computers
A Record of Protecting Traditional Marriage
A Record of Protecting Life

More sources of Mitt Romney on the issues:
Fox News profile on Mitt Romney. At the bottom there is a section with a issues tab. EvangelicalsForMitt.org: On the Issues, "Why We Support Governor Romney". Top Ten Issues of MyManMitt.com

He Can Win

"As a fiscal and social conservative, he's the only candidate who can hold the Reagan coalition together. Plus, he has already put together a strong, well-organized campaign with the firepower to win. Every single other GOP candidate either alienates a key part of the coalition or has weak a operation incapable of defeating a well-funded, ruthless, counter-to-our-values opponent in the general election." ("Why We Support Governor Romney". EvangelicalsForMitt.org)

He Can Get It Done

Not since Ronald Reagan has someone inspired the same optimism and energy from me. Reagan effectively addressed the public directly. Romney did the same in Massachusetts. The legislature was going to pass a bill that would raise taxes. Romney mailed each household the bill that they would individually have to pay. The bill was defeated.

He has turned around many businesses. He turned the Salt Lake Olympics into a success. He got major health care reform passed in the liberal state of Massachusetts. He did it using private sector providers that are cheaper to administrate.


My wife would have liked if all her family had cable, she would have asked them to watch. Mitt was very relaxed in this kind of environment. As voters learn more about him the more they will like. I hope this article provides you with some information to make an informed choice.

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