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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Grow and Create the Beautiful and Inspiring

Last night we had many of our friends come to a house concert with Spencer Jones of Redhill and Rob Gardner. They are so talented and generous to travel so far. 

We live in a golden age because of the ability we have to connect to each other over the Internet. It makes possible for us to not only choose the entertainment we want, how we want it. It allows us to create the arts that feed our souls.

It is obvious that Rob and Spencer are creating the arts that feed their souls and many around them. Look for the beautiful and inspiring around you. Choose to support it by sharing and donating money. As Bill and Ted said,

Be excellent to each other.

Here is the band of Spencer Jones http://www.redhilltheband.com/

Here is a production by Rob Gardner featuring Spencer Jones http://www.cinematicpop.com/.
"Hallelujah - Live Symphony & Choir - Feat. 16 yr. old McKenna Breinholt"

Here is a song from Spencer Jones of the Redhill band.

Here is the sacred production company of Rob Gardner http://spiremusic.org/
Rob also wrote music for Blackbeard The Musical.

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