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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fifth Faction of the GOP

The first guest on the Hugh Hewitt show today described the the first four, established factions of the Republican party.

1 - Fiscal Conservative
2 - Social Conservative
3 - Somewhat Conservative
4 - Moderate

He then went on to describe the fifth faction of the GOP. It really is not a new faction, Pat Buchanan may be an example of what a Trump voter might like. Here are is my take on the issues and temperament important to a Trump voter.

America first. They are sick of giving away money to foreign countries. That may take the form of direct aid, defending others without getting duly compensated for it. Or it may be the trade deficit we have with many countries. They have no aversion to adding tariffs or threatening to do so as a way to ensure that Americans get to keep and grow good jobs.

Another issue in this same vein is the energy against illegal immigration. They want to reduce competition from illegal foreigners. They are highly concerned that our homeland is protected from any potential enemy. They want the government to honor the agreements made to those who are serving and have served in the military.

In short, these are populists.

In addition to these issues, they don't care what Trump says that might be construed as sexist, racist or any other kind of -ist. They are sick of smooth talking politicians that speak out of one side of their mouth. They care less about social manners and more that a powerful person take charge and actually change what needs to be changed.

The point of the Hugh Hewitt guest made next is pushed me to write. He said that the first four factions are unlikely to win the Presidency without the fifth faction, the populists. He said that in we are willing to unify under the issues we are willing to unify, and put aside lesser issues, we can win.

I am still very wary of this idea. I am considering the possibility that I crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump in the fall. That I put aside the foul taste Trump gives me with his womanizing, his lack of care to insult anyone against him and a host of other issues.

If we lived in a country with many parties, each of us might feel much better voting for our individual factions. It would then be up to the elected officials to work out the compromise needed to run the republic.

In this country, the way it has worked has been with 2 major parties. The faction have had to come together in the primaries before facing of with each other.


I am considering the possibility that an alliance of the 5 factions of the GOP may be a net gain.

If we can trust Trump to be Presidential in temperament. To not unduly fan the flames of negotiation here and abroad.

If we can trust Trump to reduce and/or get compensated for our military contribution to the security of much of the world.

If we can trust Trump to nominate judges that are strict Constitutionalists. Ones that focus on individual rights as much or more than just rubber stamping majorities.

If we can trust Trump to grow our economy such that we can get on the path to outgrowing our debt.

Update 2015-05-11
Comment by Jeffrey Thayne

Five comments.
(1) Trump does indeed represent the 5th faction you describe. But from where I stand, he represents *only* that faction. He doesn't seem to be a social conservative, or a fiscal conservative (he's demonstrated that his efforts to appear so are merely a facade). And he's certainly not a "moderate" in rhetoric and strategy. 
(2) In fact, it may even damage the cause of fiscal and social conservatives to have our coalition led by a representative of the 5th faction. The worst thing possible for fiscal and social conservatives is to have our values associated with the bellicose and nationalist rhetoric of Trump. 
(3) The "ifs" you describe are the key. We can't trust him to do these things. At all. Not in the slightest.  
(4) I find the values of the 5th faction abhorrent. I don't think they are good for our nation. I don't want them as a significant part of a party I affiliate with. 
(5) I don't see electing a Republican president as our highest priority. Particularly when doing so won't actually preserve or advance social and fiscal conservative causes.

Ronald Reagan referred to the three legs of conservatism.
1) Religious conservatives,
2) National security conservatives
3) Economic/libertarian conservatives

I only see Trump supporting National Security. He says he support Economic/libertarian ones. The policies he suggests will not support it. Trade barriers and no spending limits.

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