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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is the best strategy for the lowest solar bill?

In Dec 2014, our solar panels started generating electricity. My billing cycle started Dec 16. My meter was switched on Dec 19. My monitoring system was finally set up on Jan 4. I think there was some time between Dec 19 and the beginning of Jan that something was not quite right and maybe I wasn't producing electricity or it wasn't being used or sent back.

You can see in the screen shot that used a total of 811 kWh from Dec 19 to Jan 15.

I was credited a total of 673 kWh.

On peak, I generated 166 more kWh than I used. My understanding is that this will carry over to the next month up until the end of the calendar year. At that time, they will credit my account a dollar amount. Maybe that will be at a wholesale price?

Off peak, I used 304 kWh more than I generated. I am sure that a lot of this is because over 12 hours is at night.

My instinct is that I should remain on the Time Adv 7pm-Noon plan. I will continue to bank peak kWh until I start using my A/C. I know that last summer and fall we significantly reduced our payment by super-cooling. We used more electricity as a whole but much less between noon and 7 pm.

I wonder if I should continue this same strategy once we start to use A/C.

key words: Super cool, supercool, super-cool, super-cooling

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