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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Joseph Smith on Socialism

From Believe All Things

In 1843, Joseph Smith attended lectures on socialism given by John Finch, a follower of Robert Owen who attempted to create a utopian society in Indiana. Following the second lecture, Joseph stated “I did not believe the doctrine”:
Wednesday, 13.–I attended a lecture at the Grove, by Mr. John Finch, a Socialist, from England, and said a few words in reply.
Thursday, 14.–I attended a second lecture on Socialism, by Mr. Finch; and after he got through, I made a few remarks, alluding to Sidney Rigdon and Alexander Campbell getting up a community at Kirtland, and of the big fish there eating up all the little fish. I said I did not believe the doctrine. Mr. Finch replied in a few minutes, and said–”I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness. I am the spiritual Prophet–Mr. Smith the temporal.” Elder John Taylor replied to the lecture at some length.1
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