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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Certain Permanent Truths about the Human Condition

How did President Wilson's view of government differ from the founders?

"Wilson saw government as a problem solver. As problems change government has to adapt. So, people should be free to adapt their government to whatever problems they wanted government to address.

From the point of view of the founders, certainly they wouldn't have disagreed with Wilson that people have to make of government what they think best. What the founders would have said that we are all governed by our human nature, that our Creator gives us a certain nature, that brings with it certain permanent truths about human condition.  We have passions that may be a danger to us.  Just as well, we have reason that gives us the capacity for self-government.

While we are free to do with government what we wish, we are not able to free ourselves from the basic law of human nature which binds us all as human beings."

(Ronald J. Pestritto, Part 2 of Hillsdale College course "Constitution 201 Schedule", "Woodrow Wilson and the Rejection of the Founders’ Principles")

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