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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How I am Voting

For the Republican Primary today following is how I am voting for the offices that are contested.

AZ State Representative District 12
Steve Montenegro
Jerry Weiers

Voting record of Robert Blendu on votesmart.org
Voting record of Jerry Weiers on votesmart.org
Email response of Steve Montenegro
I think it would be good to have someone new that also has my values in the state leg.

AZ Corporation Commission
Rick Fowlkes
Joseph Hobbs
Keith Swapp

Links the candidate's websites
AZ Republic Reviews of the Candidates (see the links on the right)

I like having engineers and experts being in charge of this commission. I also think that incentives work better than mandates for developing new energy sources. Site for Fowlkes, Swapp and Hobbs.

Board of Supervisors

Writing in Liegh Strickman because she better supports the protection of Luke Air Force Base.

County Assessor
Kevin Ross

I think he was wrongly accused in the last election. He is for a smaller budget for his office.

Maricopa County Sheriff
Writing in "Please anyone else resonable" for the republican primary

City of El Mirage Council Member
James McPhetres
Bill Conner
Roy Delgado

Blog of Roy Delgado

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