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Monday, November 19, 2007

Lack of Internet Zoning Laws

Our world is organized and protected in part by zoning laws. It ensures that harmful industries are kept away from residential areas. The Interne is long overdue in this kind of regulation. I found this site recently and found their arguments to be persuasive. We have the technology to do this. It will preserve individual choice. It will only make it easier to keep out content I do not want.

From http://www.cp80.org/solutions/technology/
See also an informative flash presentations at http://www.cp80.org/training/

The solution is simple. Categorize and organize all Internet content using the existing and available ports which will allow users to access what they want and avoid what they don't want. This solution creates a space for those who value the freedom and who want to avoid unwanted intrusions into their businesses, homes, and minds.
The implementation could be equally simple. An Internet governing body, accountable to the world governments and the public they represent, can designate content specific ports and appropriate penalties to ensure compliance. Furthermore, individual governments would be free to implement additional laws as appropriate for their citizens to enhance the adoption and enforcement of this approach.
The CP80 Foundation is dedicated to offering solutions that are free, that leverage existing technologies and infrastructure, and that consider the global nature of the Internet. The foundation is also committed to educating and enabling the individual consumer to the real possibilities of a better Internet.
The CP80 Foundation is also proposing the Internet Community Ports Act (ICPA) in the United States that honors, supports and protects the basic human rights and freedoms that all people should enjoy. The ICPA can be used as a roadmap for legislative efforts in other countries around the world.

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