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Monday, September 8, 2008

Two Axis on a Political Compass

I have some friends who are newer to the political world. A while ago I took the political compass survey. It was interesting. According to it I am right of center. I am also in the middle according to a authoritarian/libertarian scale (Sep 2008).

Take the survey and find out where you stand. Are the people you vote for in line with your standards?

Update 2013-12-19

Here is the result of my answers to this survey

More on political spectrum.

Update 2015-07-16

I took the political compass survey again. I haven't moved in the left/right axis but have moved towards libertarian (Economic Left/Right: 3.0, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.15)

Here is my chart in relation to the 2008 primaries.

Update 2016-07-30

I took a political quiz at isidewith.com. Here are the results. 

Here is how I line up in different areas of policy. 

Here is me on a two axis graph

Update 2016-02-10

Funny labels for the original graph

Update 2020-02-25

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